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Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Postgraduate International Research Student


International students wishing to study a specific subject at the postgraduate level may be admitted in the capacity of postgraduate international research students.
Research students belong to a specific laboratory of the departments and engage in research work under the supervision of the prospective guidance professor.
No degree or qualification will be conferred upon completion of a research program. Research students may audit classes with the prior permission of the instructors, however, cannot earn credits.

Admission Qualification

A person who has graduated or is expected to graduate from a university abroad (i.e., a person who has or will have completed 16 years of regular curricular studies with a bachelor's degree) may apply for admission as a post graduate international student.

Time of Admission

October 2022

Period of Application

For applicants from abroad : April 28(Thur), 2022 - May 10(Tue), 2022
For applicants residing in Japan : June 1(Wed), 2022 - June 7(Tue), 2022

Application Procedures

Required Documents

  1. Application Form for Admission (prescribed form)
  2. Photographs: Three identical photographs (4 cm x 3cm) taken within the last three months. One of three photographs must be attached to the designated area on the application form. Photographs should be upper body face shots of the applicant without any head covering.
  3. Graduation Certificate issued by the university and the graduate school attended(Original)
  4. Transcript issued within 3 months by the university and the graduate school attended(Original)
    *GPA, its grading system and numbers of credits should be attached
  5. Letter of recommendation from one of the President, Dean, Chairman, the academic supervisor, of the university or the graduate school attended
  6. A copy of Certificate of Proficiency in the Japanese Language: a copy of Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT) or a certificate approved by the applicant's instructor or equivalent authority (prescribed form)
  7. A copy of TOEFL iBT Score Certificate (TOEFL scores are valid if the tests were taken two years before the date of the application)
  8. A copy of Residence Card (applies only to applicants residing in Japan)
  9. Health Certificate (prescribed form)
  10. Study Program (prescribed form)
  11. Financial Plan (prescribed form)
  12. Bank Statement (as of application date)
  13. Transaction Report (report for 3 months before application)

*1. 12), 13) are to be under the name of the applicant, or family member, or the supporter.
*2. In case of the applicant is to provide his/her living expenses by scholarship, scholarship documents are necessary of 12), 13).
*3. Both transcripts of degree and scholastic record must be original. Incomplete documents or unclear printing will not be accepted.

Examination Fee

Examination fee: 9,800 yen
**Examination fee must be paid after being admitted to the university and at the time of entrance procedure after arrival in Japan.

How to apply

All application documents must be sent by registered mail such as EMS, DHL etc.
Only applications postmarked during the application period indicated above will be accepted.

Applications should be sent to:
International Student Advising Room
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan
Tel: +81-3-5841-4878

Selection Process

Selection will be conducted by review of the applications and oral or e-mail interviews.  Oral & e-mail interviews will be done by a prospective supervisor.

Selection Result

The results of selection will be notified at the following times:
For applicants from abroad: After June 9(Thur), 2022 by postal mail
For applicants residing in Japan: After July 14(Thur), 2022 by postal mail

Period of Enrollment

The period of enrollment for a Postgraduate International Research Student is one year. This period may be extended if an application for extension is approved by the graduate school. The total period as a Postgraduate International Research Student is limited to two years.

Academic Fees

Entrance fee and tuition fee must be paid after being admitted to the university and at the time of entrance procedure after arrival in Japan. The current fees are as follows (as of April, 2022)

Entrance Fee: 84,600 yen
Tuition Fee: 346,800 yen (for 12 months)
April -September: 173,400yen, October-March: 173,400yen
* A research student can not apply for admission tuition fee exemption.

Important Notes

  1. After the application process is complete, changes to the documents will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  2. Personal information obtained through the application process, including the applicant's name and address, will only be used for the following: 1) student selection (application Processing, screening); 2) announcement of successful applicants; 3) admission procedures. For students enrolling, personal information will be used for: 1) educational affairs (school registration, attendance record, etc.); 2) student support (health care, career support, scholarship applications, exemptions from tuition fees, use of libraries,etc.); and 3) procedures regarding the collection of tuition fees.
  3. Any submitted documents will be not returned.
  4. After the admission process is complete, application, examination fee, entrance fee and tuition fee are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  5. A Postgraduate International Research Student can not apply for entrance fee and tuition fee exemption.
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